Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Props Animaiton

ok bad start the programe i need is 2011 which i do not have, i need to hunt down a trail befor getting started a tiny setback but its ok wont take long to resolve.

toke about 30 mins my old 2011 wouldnt check to the interent so i fixed that and put in my code and key then loged into my autodesk userID and was sorted so got maya for 3 years now ;) nice.

the first tutoral i wanted to try out was how to approach prop animation. thinking of the camera animation this tutoral uses a cup and animated arm, it shows how to work with constrain it give me a great way of animating between the different spaces the object will be contold in, this footage was a constrain of the hand and cup but at the moment it was always constrained to the hand. in the next video it showed how to use blend parent atc it helps controling the object but the parent constrain to the hand and to the world.

the film upload of the tutoral i did, now i will use what i learned to animaiton the carema in the chartchers hand or how he could pick it up.

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