Thursday, 30 December 2010

finding Nemo

some screenshots from finding nemo showing off bubble tecteqies. to me the bubbles look every simply nothing to much as in the float up them resize reshape everything a bubble should do, we shouldnt try something over the top becuase if we want good bubbles got to keep them simply

in this shot the bubbles coming from the scuba driver are much like the ones i did in aftereffects ofcourse with a few more layers i want to test this myself so i will attempt to model a ruff helmet and use the aftereffects bubbles to good use.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Finding Nemo

The Finding Nemo trailer a great animated film to should how water is done propliy im going to cut out all the shoot with bubbles in them into a movie file and see how if could have been done.

the first shot on this clip looks a lot like the bubbles in aftereffects so maybe il work on them more the difference is the colour presets are not a good as the one in the clip maybe there a way to change this.

the shot with the speed boats looks a lot more tricky the bubbles must of been produced in maya but animation all them bubbles cant be right but be a easier way but i also noticed that the shot are really quickie not much time to see the bubbles ,

Sunday, 26 December 2010

digital tutors

my mother and father got me Digital Tutors for christmas, which im very thankful for because i believe it will come in every useful this year, aswell as my career i will be using digital tutor throughout this project so show the skill i have learned, and how its helped me pass the critique of this project.

Monday, 20 December 2010

crimbo brake

Ok, so im on my christmas break and got lots of work to do. i want to try more bubbles in maya aswell in aftereffect and see if i can projuce something that could be used in the final film itself.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Forrest Gump

looking over joes scene again it reminded me of forrest gump with the whole set up and aswell was filmed outside throughout the day the same as joes, i will revise them scene on the bench and see if i can relate that work to the project.

i toke a few screenshots and see how it could help my work

i could see that the background of the shot is naturally lighted by the sun. but the character, has no light at all on him, they must of lit him sepcritly i know Joe want the characters to look like they are in the scene, so i will naturally like the whole scene aswell highlight the characters.

i could see the hightlights on his forehead which i think is a bit to much, im my scene will all depend on the dusk lighting.

i used this clip last year on my industry exercise 2 with i added a clown in the scene and in that project i didn't do the lighting to justice because i rushed it at the end so this project, so this project is so useful because i know the mistake now i take that on board and im working on the lighting now, and i added the shadow in aftereffects and it looks very bad now im going to use the shadow through maya because can be used differently .

the link below:

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Story Change

after the presentation we give andy desided to change the story a load but at least we are sticking to this more we have spent a lot of time over the story which ofcourse helped the story get better but we really didnt want it to go over to term 2 when we are hoping to get a load of the work done.
lucky this hasnt changed anything im working on for this unit because he will still be underwater so i will continue on with my work and try get the best out of it.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

back view

yes i know what ur thinking ben is that ur renderview of camera in ur mayascene and guess what ur right i have no idea why this is happing it happened first time when doing the front view i maybe be to do something with using maya files from different computer because joe give me the scene. this is a problem i need to sort befor i can even start on the lighting

there you go all i did was delete and create a new camera that wasn't to hard now was it. but i still dont understand why maya did this.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

spidey time

this is a screen shot for the lighting i have been working on, added spidey in to shot to show of the shadows of the shot, im trying to make the bench realistic and look like it really there. i forgot to add a plate to show the shadows of the bench, so that whats missing for the scene, i still need to produce the back view of the bench which i will work on tomorrow.

lighting why i hate maya

playing around to try and get the more realistic shadow for the bench and take in consitaraion the time of day .
this is the outcome i produced the shadows not to warped and not to light from the test footage Joe showed me this is the closest i got and joe was happy with the outcome.

but of course i went through a few renders before i got to this one.

to scratched

far to much warped and to dark shawdows
i dont know what i did here but that was differently not what i was going for way to dark

lighting for joe

joe had asked me to product the lighting for his scene, so for this unit i will test lighting in maya. im aiming to produce the look of dusk this is new to me but i hope i can do him proud.

this is the scene without any lights only the default on, u can tell clearly that the bench is not there. my job is to make it realistic.

After effects Bubbles

i checked out this after effect tutorial and thought i would try it out for myself, the effect is really basic, i dont think it will suit the film, unless it used in the background. il still play about with it in after effects maybe i could make it less flowing upwards and more smaller in short beasts from the fishermans helmet, il try it out in the next threw days.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Camera inside a bubble

i wanted to see what happen when the maya bubbles go through the camera its a nice effect, i also want to parent the camera to a bubble, and watch it travel with the bubbles in Maya. its just the begaininng of my tests in maya working with bubbles.

maya bubbles again

i decided to add a image plate with a underwater feel to so how the bubbles looking in the environment, but i think we will adding the water effect in post that what most footage we researched do.

Bubbles in maya

Aftereffect tutorial bubbles