Thursday, 16 December 2010

Forrest Gump

looking over joes scene again it reminded me of forrest gump with the whole set up and aswell was filmed outside throughout the day the same as joes, i will revise them scene on the bench and see if i can relate that work to the project.

i toke a few screenshots and see how it could help my work

i could see that the background of the shot is naturally lighted by the sun. but the character, has no light at all on him, they must of lit him sepcritly i know Joe want the characters to look like they are in the scene, so i will naturally like the whole scene aswell highlight the characters.

i could see the hightlights on his forehead which i think is a bit to much, im my scene will all depend on the dusk lighting.

i used this clip last year on my industry exercise 2 with i added a clown in the scene and in that project i didn't do the lighting to justice because i rushed it at the end so this project, so this project is so useful because i know the mistake now i take that on board and im working on the lighting now, and i added the shadow in aftereffects and it looks very bad now im going to use the shadow through maya because can be used differently .

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