Wednesday, 24 November 2010

i hate dusk already

reviewing the sourse images i found the main problem i can see to pull off the lighting with be the colours it produced in the sky i will need to find tutorials on how i can make it happen and make it look believable. i will talk to joe about this and see what he want me to go for.


this is very easy using paint effect to add bubbles to a surface and rending out in metal ray really give it a realistic look to it

dusk images

just a few images that i will be working with and trying to re create for joes project i will be a challenge because i am a novelist with lighting but i really want to push myself this year.

funny thing

i found a tutorial on how to Create Realistic Condensation on Glass with Maya Paint Effects this is the link...

and i stumbuled across a folder in visor which was (underwater) which is full of items u can paint straight onto a scene suck as sea urchin, sea weed, starfish aswell is bubble this would be a really easy way to give the underwater look in are scence of course in the background not to be focused on because they are not the most detailed models.

FIrst meeting with Dan

so today was are first lesson of advanced skillls unit, the first thing Dan asked was what problems we could think of regarding are film, the main thing we come up with was the net of fish in the story, the problem was how would it look, would we use the same fish, would that look a bit cheap. would we animate one and duplicate it on all the fish or add deforters, this is the first mile stone of the year will we change it or work with it. only time will tell

aswell as this i wanted to do my part so i wanted to see how i could produce bubbles in maya and which would be the best way to animate them

aswell as that i wanted to start looking at lighting for Joe's film because im working on that as well, the deep is my main film but i asked to work on lighting for joe's because i haven't done much lighting so far this two year. he told me the scene is set just before dusk so il start with source images and then how i can produce the same lighting in maya its going to be a busy term im thinking.

lets get this show on the road

ok so this is my blog for dan unit 305 advanced skills, i glad they introduced this unit this year. because it will help me began to solve problems now instead of in a few months time when it needs to happen, learning now is better because if it dosnt work i still got time to work out why, and sovle the problem unlike if i left it til the time is needed and that would just mess with the deadlines i have set for the project.