Wednesday, 24 November 2010

FIrst meeting with Dan

so today was are first lesson of advanced skillls unit, the first thing Dan asked was what problems we could think of regarding are film, the main thing we come up with was the net of fish in the story, the problem was how would it look, would we use the same fish, would that look a bit cheap. would we animate one and duplicate it on all the fish or add deforters, this is the first mile stone of the year will we change it or work with it. only time will tell

aswell as this i wanted to do my part so i wanted to see how i could produce bubbles in maya and which would be the best way to animate them

aswell as that i wanted to start looking at lighting for Joe's film because im working on that as well, the deep is my main film but i asked to work on lighting for joe's because i haven't done much lighting so far this two year. he told me the scene is set just before dusk so il start with source images and then how i can produce the same lighting in maya its going to be a busy term im thinking.

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