Thursday, 6 January 2011

digital Tutors lighting

again thanks to the parentsfor this one digital tutors intro to lighting thought aswell as this is the first time doing lighting i would check out DT introduction to lighting. which shows us all the lighting in maya and how to use them in your scenes
point Lighting go to use with something like a light bulb because as a real light bulb the point light works in the same way giving lighting way in ever direction.

spot light as well as the point light it work in the same way as a normal spot light work with it comb light rays. good to show off shadows.

area lighting works different from the other lights, because its works by serrate the light for a large area. it can light a 180 degrees radius

ambient light its dosnt give off a harsh shadow from the light that ant directed lit by the light . so its good for indirect light.

directional light it give a even light rays and ever converse . it very good for a sun with a light like my scene for joes project

after check out the tutor i think the best lights i should use for joe's project would be spot light for shadows and a area & directional light for the sun in my scene.

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