Sunday, 2 January 2011

helmet with bubbles

i wanted to try and use the after effect bubble presets as a test for the air bubbles coming from the helmet of the character throughout the film, first designed a very quick model of the helmet in maya.

this is the final model of the helmet, complete not what the really final model will look like but the model hasn't be finished yet so i improvised
when in aftereffects i did a quick mask of the helmet so the bubbes would appear ruffle around the air holes, and just a play with the bubble preset adjustments.

this is the final outcome and to be honest it dosed work at all the bubbles first appear above the helmet, the problem with the bubble in aftereffect there not enough freedom with freedom of the bubbles of spacing or angle. im still going to play about with the preset see if looks better in the background and see if i can get a better resoult out of it this time.

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