Monday, 10 January 2011


i have found this unit very useful for the elements of researching, producing test renders and problem solving this are some of the area that i and the deep team will be working on toward the final film in the upcoming year, this unit has showed me where ive gone wrong and how to resolute this issues.

Lighting For Joe.
i wanted to try something different for this project and lighting something i wanted to do because lighting is a very important element of a film and i wanted to find out how it works in maya.

the outcomes i have produced i am pleased with seeing it really my first time doing lighting. i have a better understanding on how lighting works, and the depth u can go to with lighting. what i got from this area was lighting is very try one thing different see how it work, but i see the beauty in that there so many element which can change and effect the scene your trying to light.

there was a few problem along the way when losing 2011 for some time trying to import the files into Maya 8.5 didnt always work the texturse were out of light and the lighting i tried to put in the scene didnt show on the render view and yer the defult lights were off, so started the scene again importing the models for carlos the footage made shaw the project was set source images where in place and then it finally worked. i think joe is pleased with the work i have done, i trust if he wasn't happy he would tell me, and im glad he give me the opatuterty to work on this for his film.

Bubbles for Andy.

After the first meeting with dan bubbles was talked about and i took on the job to research and product some bubble solutions for the film. starting with looking in Maya for some ideas and i already know about aftereffects bubbles preset but never used them.
the problems in aftereffects with the bubbles was i couldn't control the way the bubbles moved and the way they disburse well enough when bubbles moved out of the layer frame the bubbles go out of shot which isn't really believable underwater. i can safely say the bubbles could be used in the background very comftabley.
but the second helmet test was much better then the first i made the bubbles look more believable this time round because they was moving all over the place the had a direction onwards and upwards.
Maya bubbles
i reallly couldnt get my head round maya bubbles which is my own fault i should of looked more into the area but the only way i could think would be able to do it would to multiply the layers, the number of bubbles with a bigger amount and a lot of time to animate and deform the bubble in shot.

after doing the prop animation tutorial i wanted to try and do some more constraint animation with props so i modelled a camera and tried it. i didn't have enough time before hand in to give it some more time but il work on it outside the project to work on my animation skills.

as a whole i think this project was successful i know i had problem with some stuff but that was the beauty of this unit thats the point. i think when it come to the time when the element i have focused on in this unit come to pass i will have a clear understand what and what not to do and hopefully impress my team with the workflow i produce.

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