Friday, 7 January 2011

the scene

my scene for the prop animaiton i modeled a ruff animate this is just a shot of picking up the camera

bit of primary reseach i wanted to see how the hand reacts with the camera so will did it for me

i wanted him to do it for a second time because in the script the kid is in a rush so he went faster there a great arc the hand dose after picking up the camera how the effect of weight on his hand

if i have enough time i will do a quick little test of the character taking a photo. i wanted to film then roto scope in maya.

this is a quick test i did using parent constrains on the object it works if the object is static but if it would move in his hand would be believable. the way to do this is to crate a group which holds all the constrain and a control object free for animation on it own.

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